Fire Safety Training In Gloucestershire

Do you need your staff to be well trained in the event of a fire? DPN Services Ltd provide engaging fire training, specifically designed around the workplace and premises in which you operate. In this way, your workforce will be prepared for anything that may happen on your property or during their working day. Whether you are running a busy kitchen or a quiet office, having the right people in the right place can save lives. You can book our fire safety training in Gloucestershire or anywhere in the region. 





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Our fire safety training includes:

  • Emergency planning
    Ensuring all your staff know what to do in an emergency, and have the knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency.
  • Bespoke training
    We will tailor our training specifically to your business premises and working operations, so that staff know the potential hazards and are ready for them.
  • Evacuation drills
    Making sure all your staff can evacuate quickly, and that visitors and guests can be evacuated too, is absolutely vital in any fire situation.
  • Practical training
    Making sure staff are confident using fire blankets and fire extinguishers and which one to use in the event of a fire.

With our fire safety training in Gloucestershire, your staff will be confident and capable to know what to do in the event of a fire emergency. Our principal fire safety trainer has been in the business almost 40 years, and has seen it all.

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Fire safety consultancy

We also offer a full consultancy service, enabling businesses to remain safe and be aware of all the risks and hazards present in a building, or during working operations.

Alongside our fire safety training in Gloucestershire, we offer a full risk assessment and consultancy service for businesses and commercial landlords.

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